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How Do I Get Started in Shaolin Kung Fu or Qi Gong?

Welcome to our school! Whether you have prior experience or none at all, you’re probably wondering how best to get started and this is the place to start! With the information here we hope we can encourage you to join our school, choose the right programs, and get the most out of it.

Learn Shaolin Martial Arts Kung Fu

Beginners can start with either Gentle Shaolin Kung Fu Level 1, Shaolin Kung Fu Level 1, or Shaolin Kung Fu Level 2. Here is the difference:

Gentle Shaolin Kung Fu Level 1: 1 hour kung fu class with no running or jumping similar to tai chi but more dynamic. This is great for those who want to work towards the regular kung fu classes but feel completely out of shape or just want to slow things down.

Shaolin Kung Fu Level 1: 1 hour kung fu class – a quick and challenging 1 hour class. Involves high intensity workout and calorie burn. It is suitable for anyone who is able to jump and run.

Shaolin Kung Fu Level 2: 2 hour kung fu class – more intense than the Shaolin Kung Fu Level 1 with more drills and time for taolu hand forms; great to start with if you are in great shape or determined! There is no requirement to pass any test to take this class.

Learn Qi Gong

Beginners may start with the Qi Gong Level 1 program and also start right away with the Qigong Level 2 program (the pricing for Level 2 includes Level 1).

We’ve made improvements to the way we teach these classes so it’s more about your time and goals. The Level 2 includes more advanced forms and is a bit more physically demanding. Students are encouraged to adjust the forms and movements according to their physical requirements.